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1. Jamuna Murujiah - I talked with Jamuna's family and they wanted her name to be a part of this. So i'm signing for her, in her memory. The email I used is mine since hers is no longer valid. -Ailie Griscom
2. Ailie Alice Griscom - Of course I want boyzone back! They're the best band in the whole world!
3. Sara Dalzell - I have supported Boyzone as a band and as solo artists from the start! I am and cos Ronan said in his book they would always be together as a band as long as they were mates!!!! Make ur minds up ladz!!!
4. Mireia - I live in Spain and I haven't seen the Boyz together yet. I don't know how I would feel if BZ split! Although I love their solo works, I want to see them back as a group as soon as possible!
5. Nicole Whitford - I want the Boyz back more than eva. especially so they can come down here to Australia once again coz we miss 'em heaps!
6. Linsey Macdonald
7. Daphnie Diane Duran - Well, I surely want Boyzone to be back! Right now! But it's not that easy, we have to help each other and do our part in order to make this campaign successful. Boyzone is still alive! They'll be back very soon!
8. Kat Keating - Please don't go Boyz, we love u and would really miss u...
9. Ethel Monte de Ramos - I want Boyzone back...I miss them.... I miss their songs and I miss their voices.... I MISS THEM VERY MUCH!!!! I want Boyzone back coz... they've been my favorite band ever! When i first heard love me for a reason, I know it in myself and in my heart and in my mind that they are the best... from then on I started memorizing their songs and buying stuff (boyzone stuff) and collecting even the smallest pic I could find.... and now all I know is I WANT BOYZONE BACK!!!
10. Rebecca Rice - Boyzone are the greatest! They should NEVER EVER split up! And I wanna see them in concert again! and a new album ASAP! Awwwww I miss them now! :-(
11. Arumaaran Murugiah - I am not really a Boyzone fan. But my late little sister was a huge one and I am sure that she would like Boyzone to always be there doing what they do best as a group.
13. Yang You - I WANT BOYZONE BACK!!!
14. Sarah Walker
15. Fiona Doyle - I think it's about time they told us what is going on - either they are coming back for a tour (which it looks unlikely) or they're not... but we want them back!
16. Frances Pikok
17. Melissa Anne Mero - EVERYBODY loves Boyzone!!! We want them back!!!
18. Michelle Yatco - Hello peeps, All I want is to bring Boyzone back that's all. Le gra, Michelle
19. Sherwina Samsudin - Well... I WANT BOYZONE BACK right here in Malaysia!!!
20. Millie Wong - Yeah, we want Boyzone to be back together again. Long live Boyzone!!!
21. Zaza - Totally agree and support you.
22. Donna Jackson
23. Rachel Beattie - I want boyzone back. Boyzone have kept the fans of Britain entertained for seven years and are going to keep on entertaining, but they wont if we don't do anything so who ever reads this i want you to know that boyzone are worth having around for another seven years maybe more (hopefully) so those that have not filled in this form fill it in because we want those boyz back on the road next year at the latest if they don't i will do everything in my power to do it for them come on boyz get writing coz WE WANT YOU BACK,ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
24. Maple Gill - Hi, Iam Maple from India. I m a huge BZ fan . Sure, I love all their solo projects, but it's not the same as when they are all together. I really want to help out your campaign. I have a Boyzone website at If you want I can put up a link to this page. love, Maple
25. Becky Gill - I think Boyzone have to get back together next year!!!!!!!! As Shane said you can fix what isn't broken and Boyzone were still as strong as ever after there Xmas 1999 tour. There is no need for them not to get back together. They have always said they'll be around as long as the fans want them and I think we should all let them know they are most definitely wanted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
26. Lauren O'Hara
27. Elies Hadi
28. Michelle Wharton - We have all seen you perform individually, now we want you back, performing, writing anything, the Boyzone fans need you all!!
29. Amy Cook - We want you back!!
30. Gita Hanum Manggiasih
31. Elaine Chan Pak Ling - Hey....I really, really want to hear the voice of Boyzone again. Please sing again......
32. Helen Sutton - Boyzone u gotta come back soon, every1 loves u and misses u!
33. Aspen
34. Gelsa Valencia
35 Kyrene Marie Fontelo - I like Boyzone and I want them back!!!
36. Orli Geysman - Plz bring them back, I miss them soooo much!
37. Amife Joan Locaylocay - Thanks for making this campaign, I love you all for that. You can count on me if you need help. Let boyzone be back!
39. Lyne Janis Teves - Since then, I really love Boyzone. I really wanted them back to complete my happpiness. I know that many of the fans will be happy if Boyzone will be together forever.
40. Charlotte Fennell - I LOVE BOYZONE!
41. Yasmine Anwer
42. Bostan Anwer
43. Catherine Somerville - I think Boyzone were the best boyband on the planet.
44. Amanda Shaw - I would truly and honestly love to see BOYZONE back together! to see the wonderful chemistry that occurs when they are all together again. They simply light up the stage with there brilliance. I look forward to new songs I can sing to and the opportunity to see them one day, and be successful here in North America for the first time, but first they need to get back together in the UK. I fully support you guy's individual projects but, I miss boyzone, and know you can be successful at both. To more Boyzone.. I want Boyzone Back.. Thank You Take Care..
45. Mehreen Nasir - I definitely want Boyzone back!
46. Steffi Kiewik - I WANT BOYZONE BACK!!!
- BOYZONE RULESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! Pleez come back!!! Love, Jolanda
Jennifer Bay-on - I want BZ back!!!!!
50. Yang You - I WANT BOYZONE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
51. Weah Rosalejos
52. Junamar Flores
53. Don Adrian C. Duran - I want Boyzone to be back this 2001! C'mon guys!
54. Ayla Qadeer
55. Nicole Whitford - Hiya. I just want the boyz to tour Australia coz they never have before. They have only done promo trips. So I definately want them to stay together.
56. Emma Case - Boyzone is soo wicked and I would love them to come back soo much!!!!!
57. Emma Pearce - Boyzone are the most sucessful band of the 90's. It is their duty to come back as a group, if they don't the music industry will never be the same again!
58. Patrice Michelle Starr
59. Donna Jackson
60. Tintin - BRING BACK BOYZONE!!!!
61. Ingrid Sommariva
62. Kelly - I love Boyzone soo much... esp. Stephen Gately.... He's my baby... loves him more.......
63. Green Grassley Satur - I want Boyzone to be back together as a group, not like they are now that they are doing some stuff on their won. Although I know that it's really up to them, but as one of their avid fans in the Philippines, I want to see them back together as a group so that their fans will be happier. I want to hear new songs from them, I want to see new music videos and if possible a movie... starring all five of them. That's all. Thanks...
64. Hope de Leon - Boyzone should still be together because we, the fans are also still together to wait for them until they come back with a new album. Their music is absolutely fabulous and I don't want it to be gone forever. I mean, we support them individually but I still like them the way they were. Please be back together because I want to also hear you again making wonderful music as one.
65. Jenni Lorico - Yo! Boyzone! Listen up! Get back together, or else... No, just kidding! Just get back together, pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeee... Thanks.
66. Ivy Mae Pacatang - Plssssss... Boyzone I really want you to be back! I beg you! Hear my request, please! Since the time Boyzone was formed, I'm really one of your fans, so please...
67. Blessie Wagan - I miss you performing in a show, I miss your songs, I miss it all... just hopin' one day, you'll be together once more.
68. Beyza - I want BOYZONE back, too!
69. Elizabeth Gut - I couldn't stand the fact that Boyzone split up. Now I hear that there is a chance that they'll never get back together. It absolutely tears my heart to shreads when I hear of this. It is an absolutely terrible feeling knowing that my beloved group will no longer be together. I really would love them to have another tour. My life just isn't the same without their music. I love them all very much, and wish them best of luck getting back together for a reunion.
71. Steffanie Wiekens - Hi there, I really think we need to get boyzone back!!! I love Ro's solo career, but you know, I loved Boyzone together as a group, making the show realllllllly spectaculair I just love them and their music! With love, Steffannie.
72. Mark Cox - Well, personally I think Boyzone are really cool!! I like stephen gately best!!!
73. Victoria Gordon - Boyzone have to stay together as they are the best group around.
74. Koitanova Rimma
75. Collin Town
76. Refaat Sakr - Where are you? No recent songs... come back. Without you, I'll lose everything.
77. Hannah Hackson - Please, please, please get back together. I love you Stephen!!!
78. Chin Hsu Yee - I really hope to see them back together again!!!
79. Suzanne Julie Cooper
80. Pietrina Mercer
81. Laura Van Der Tol